Rest – Good for You & the Planet

Rest – Good for You & the Planet

I’ve been resting a lot lately. I got tired after 3 months of intense mourning following the death of my sister, lots and lots of open awareness meditation walking, a spiritual rebirth, an “adventurous” holiday peak traffic drive to Virginia (and back), and a week of intense study of tantric yoga with my teacher Gary Kraftsow.

(I’d like to write a post on each on those experiences — but that will have to wait for now.)

I’m resting by relaxing with my husband or hanging out with friends, sitting in my comfy chair and reading, taking slow walks.

Rest is a vital part living life in balance. Continue reading “Rest – Good for You & the Planet”


The Love Factor in Climate Change

The Love Factor in Climate Change

I think a revolution of love of our planet, our home, and the web of life itself, of which we are a part is tremendously motivating as a basis for addressing the current earth crisis.

As an educator for the past 30 years I’ve found that positive motivation is almost always more effective that negative behavior management.

I invite you to fall in love with the planet and the 8.7 billion life forms that live here. Don’t forget that you are one of those life forms too!

Love the planet.  Your path will be energized. Your way will be made clear.

In other words, what we need is a revolution of love. When we as a society learn to see the planet and everything on it as beings deserving of respect — in their own right and not just for their use to us — then we won’t need to appeal to climate change to do all the best things that the climate change warriors would have us do.

“What We Do to Nature, We Do to Ourselves” by Charles Eisenstein 


I ask you this question: What do you love?

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