This is the first post in a series about my life path as a yogini.

Hello, it’s me.

The first thing I’m going to tell you about my life as a yogini, is that I have a sense of humor about myself, and about many things in general. Walking around Providence in December, I ended up under the canopy of the Veteran’s Auditorium, and noticed an opportunity for a silly selfie. <electronically generated shutter snap>  Here it is:


Yes, and I do seriously wear scarves and shawls whenever I’m outdoors.  I enjoy the colors and flow of the scarves. They protect my neck and face from wind and cold, and sometimes they make other people smile.

This lovely blue silk paisley pictured above is a gift from my nephew and his lovely new bride from their honeymoon in Turkey. I love it just for that reason.

This scarf also has a special place in my heart, as a symbol of a spiritual rebirth I recently experienced. This photo was taken within two weeks of that experience, and I was truly feeling radiant, so to have the opportunity to have a star shaped halo, was too fun to resist.


Gratitude is a  good place to start. Gratitude generates good feelings and energizes my path.

First off, I’m a human being, a woman with 58 years of life experience as of New Year’s Day 2016. My life has been blessed with  both extremely devastating experiences along with unbelievably good fortune.

I was also blessed to have been born with a an innate tendency to face my fears, overcome them and grow spiritually in the process.

My family karma made working hard as natural as breathing so I was also blessed with the energy and endurance to follow my  path.

I am especially grateful to the teachers in all forms: specific people, groups of people, the teacher of being human itself, the special teachers of the animal and plant spirit world, their human spirit world counterparts and finally my own intuition that acted as a guide.

I’ve walked my yogini’s path with a foot in yoga and a foot in the shamanism. Both came to me in my childhood spontaneously and unbidden.

Arising from my deep curiosity about and love of the natural world around me I felt cared for by trees, empowered by encounters with owls, snakes, razorback pigs and other animals. I am profoundly grateful to these, my earliest teachers who protected my spirit and gave me the lessons I needed to face life on life’s terms. These are my shamanic roots.

Though I was initiated into yogic meditation by a yogic archarya (spiritual teacher) when I was 13, I had been curious about my mind and had done many experiments with the boundaries and capacities of my mind for several years at that point.

Lately I’ve come to see these two paths as one, and I suspect that in the distant past they probably were, and may very well still be in some of the remote corners of the yoga universe that as yet remain hidden from the modern world in their secret lineages and remote locations.

Or… perhaps this connection between shamanism and yoga is hidden in plain sight.


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