I’ve been resting a lot lately. I got tired after 3 months of intense mourning following the death of my sister, lots and lots of open awareness meditation walking, a spiritual rebirth, an “adventurous” holiday peak traffic drive to Virginia (and back), and a week of intense study of tantric yoga with my teacher Gary Kraftsow.

(I’d like to write a post on each on those experiences — but that will have to wait for now.)

I’m resting by relaxing with my husband or hanging out with friends, sitting in my comfy chair and reading, taking slow walks.

Rest is a vital part living life in balance. Sleep helps us remember what we learned during the day. Rest helps us assimilate and transform experience into new ways of understanding that influence our experience of the world as it is, as opposed to the way we would like it to be.

Though a lot of my path lately has been focused on healing myself, healing my relationships with the many facets of the web of life, and heading towards a practice that I believe has the potential of healing the Earth Crisis.  I thought rest was simply taking some time off from the hard work of my path.

Imagine my surprise when I came across the 24-6 project that promotes a return to a version of the Sabbath.

How can a planet of 7 billion people be shared as though we are
a population of 6 billion?

By voluntarily taking a day off from our energy hungry cars, machines and gadgets and our “restless” pursuits one day a week, the human condition can become more secure, connected and intimately fulfilling.

This practice reveals the infinitely pleasurable rewards of
direct human experience with the world.

It’s not an ideology – just an opportunity to create a space for all
of what make us human.

What would it mean to you to take a day off to rest?

What would rest do for you and your relationships?

If you did it would you connect to the intention of refraining from energy consumption.

If it seems completely overwhelming to consider a full 24 hours of rest, remember that the basic premise of a yoga is “Start where you are.” What would it mean to take and hour? An afternoon? A few minutes away from your desk at work?

Share your thoughts in the comments section, please!



One thought on “Rest – Good for You & the Planet

  1. I recently went looking for biblical scripture on rest and sabbath, and was surprised to find a strong message to Trust. I volunteer at a church in my city of residence teaching a monthly yoga class based on Christian scripture. After an enlightening meditation during a personal yoga practice I felt that teaching people to take back the tradition of Sabbath was a worthy lesson.

    In this meditation I was shown my own nature of anxiety and rushing, like an internal agitation that doesn’t accomplish anything except fatigue, and more distress. In seeing this I knew I could make some changes. Slowing down was required, doing less, completing tasks rather than jumping from one thing to the next, staying home, unplugging. I noticed I barely chewed my food when eating, and how overstimulated I was by modern conveniences and the pressures of society.

    Upon researching bible passages on rest I found not just a suggestion for man to take a break but God commanding rest, that it was a sacred practice that if not done could result in death…. interesting. In other scripture it was much less daunting, an invitation into a peaceful, fruitful existence accomplished by giving up autonomy and trusting something greater than self.

    So I contemplate trust as a means to rest…. I trust the prompt to unplug, less screen time enables me to detach from modern means of communication which have proven to make me feel alienated. Staying home with my immediate family and pets as a means of rest, just hanging out and being together. Being present, and trusting that even if I don’t fret and bitch about everyone getting things right we’ll all be okay. I trust that being still is superior to chasing the carrot… and I rest.

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