Today I went for a long walk. Walking is a practice I came to this year as I began to recover from painful neuropathy that made even a light breeze on my face a  painful experience and had kept me inside for a long long time.

When I began to figure out  how to get outside with the help of a new herbal medicine and strategically placed scarves and hats, I discovered that healing is not just about the alleviation of symptoms, but it is also about restoring one’s connection to life.

Gardening started getting me happily reconnected to an old passion. Then the gardening season came to an end but I needed to keep going, so I started walking and enjoying the pleasures of being outdoors

Then on September 1st my sister closest in age to me suddenly died. Now I had an even deeper level of healing to attend to. I was so overwhelmed with grief, and I truly felt that walking and opening my senses was a connection that supported and kept me afloat in a very difficult time. Each walk became an important spiritual practice of walking with a desire to connect to the web of life in all of it’s manifestations.  This practice of walking healed me again.

Today in celebration of the past six months or so of being outside, gardening, walking, connecting and healing, I offer a photo montage of some of the moments that occurred during my practice of joyful mindful walking.



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