Equinox (Buona Fortuna)

Source: Equinox (Buona Fortuna)

Pushing through this plasma, this placenta, to reach the light.
I emerge, as we all do each year
A 365 degree cycle of learning

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Being Wild

Being Wild

When I was a child I often escaped into the woods just beyond our back door for hours, sometimes alone and sometimes with a gang of children. The woods was a home away from home, a place of where we could be wild children, not yet undomesticated spirits, where we were natural and in direct relationship with the world and all it’s wonders.

When I think of that group of  children, the most dedicated members of our club were the children who had problematic parents.

Ben and Brad were brothers who’s father was a WW II Marine Veteran from the Pacific Theatre. He told his children about using a flame thrower to burn “Japs” alive in their foxholes and other war horror stories. Continue reading “Being Wild”

Mystery Hole

Mystery Hole

Look into that black hole and see what?

Peering into the place where my sister  used to be I see the same thing.

Her death was unexpected but not unanticipated. She was a chronic alcoholic who shared a traumatized childhood with me. We were war buddies who had helped each other survive. She had been my surrogate mother when our own mother was unable. We had fought violently with each other as children.  Continue reading “Mystery Hole”